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S-type buying guide in english, not bad :)
« dnia: Listopad 13, 2008, 21:54:11 pm »

Want to make a grand entrance? There are few better ways of doing it than in a Jaguar. And when it comes to value for money from the Coventry-based manufacturer, the S-Type is just about unbeatable.

Second-hand prices for the exec­utive saloon start from a few thousand pounds – you would pay the same for a tidy Ford Mondeo.
But while the S-Type can be picked up cheaply, you need to get
a good one, otherwise running costs could drastically undermine your decision. Follow our guide to make sure the object of your neighbours’ envy doesn’t break the bank.

What to look for
Don’t be put off by the 2.5-litre engine. It may be the entry-level unit, but it’s powerful enough for most drivers. The 3.0-litre offers greater performance, while the V8 models are smooth and torquey. But if you can live with V8 fuel bills, you can probably afford the superior diesel.

If you’re expecting heaps of boot space from such a large car, you’ll be disappointed – the modest 400-litre luggage bay is awkwardly shaped.

Engines: V8 cars built before 2000 can suffer from cylinder bore wear. Once the tough coating has eroded, the engine can self-destruct. It will usually run badly first.

Electrics: there are numerous electrical ills to look for, including failed power windows, faulty alarms, inoperative powered seats and stubborn central locking.

Gearbox: even good autos can be jerky and have been known to fail after only 60,000 miles. Manual cars are cheaper and more robust, and thus well worth considering.

Bootlids: seals can fail, letting water leak into the
luggage bay – where it wreaks havoc with the electrics. So look out
for dampness. Battery is in the boot as well.

Running costs
A 1999 S-Type 3.0 V6 can cost as little as £3,000, but at that price it will have done at least 100,000 miles. You’d do better to find £8,000 for a five-year-old car with around 55,000 miles.

The V8 models are worth around 15 per cent more than an equivalent 3.0 V6 – except for the potent S-Type R, which
commands a hefty premium. The first (51-plate) Rs start at £17,500 with 50,000 miles on the clock, but double that for a 10,000-mile 06-plater. Meanwhile, the 2.7 V6 diesel kicks off at £15,000 for a 50,000-mile 04-plate car, yet you can add another £10,000 for a late low-mileage example.

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Odp: s-type buying guide in english, not bad :)
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It’s comfortable, with great ventilation and a superb engine that makes it relaxing to drive.”  :-K